X Ray Film Viewer Led

X-Ray Film Viewer LED
We offer a superior range of Slim LED X-Ray Viewer to our clients. These are the quality based and user-friendly viewers that can be maintained easily. Hence, our clients remain satisfied with it to the most extent. The most exclusive range of our Medical X-ray Viewers is made available in the market at competitive prices. They give excellent performance and longer life of service and are highly demanded in the domestic market. In the arena, it is appreciated for its attributes like automatic film sensor, brightness control and power saving mode. They are of ultra thin design with the thickness of only 35mm and professional outlook. The range of our viewers works as per the needs as well as specifications of our clients. A strong foothold is carved in the arena and this is the reason how, Merino International has become the leading x-ray film viewer importer in the market.
Latest LED technology based film viewer and CCFL lamp can give you usage of more than 30,000 hours that is 8 times higher than the traditional lamp. So, easy usage and easy maintenance will let you get the best performance of the viewer for longer time duration.

Compared with other manufacturer or company, please kindly find our main features for the LED X-ray film viewer:
1. Ultra-Slim: Specialized technical design reduce the thickness of the whole machine to minimum 23mm, beautiful out looking, easy to install and the space utilization ratio is improved;
2. Excellent material: both screen and light route is made from Acry produced by Japan Mitsubishi Company, better light transmittance, and could be used for long time without distortion and color changing;
3. Much longer time usage: the LED lamp can be used as long as 200,000 hours, 9 or 10 times longer than CCFL lamp;
4. Wide range of light adjustment from 300~4500cd/m2, decreasing eyes’ fatigue;
5. High uniformity: the uniformity can be more than 95%, No dark spot in the viewing area,
6. Automatic film sensor mode: the viewer start working when film inserted again, and will turn off automatically when taken away films within 5 seconds;
7. Close timer function: our product will shut off when used more than 1 hour, and could work again when you put new films in or you start again, which help the end user save power energy, and also prolong the lifetime of the machine.
8. On/off individual switch for two panel, Feather touch dimmer, with 9 digital grades to adjust brightness, the maximum brightness can reach to 4000cd/cm2 and suitable for different density X-ray film.
9. Brightness Memory function: the film viewer can remember the brightness, next time when the film viewer start again, it shows the same brightness, no need to adjust the brightness.
10. Two mode of film viewer starting: after getting though the power, one way is that directly insert the film, then the film viewer start; another way is to start by pressing the switch button.