Sticky mats

Sticky Mats
Merino International offers its clients effective sticky mats. These mats are manufactured with the advanced technology to get adhesive coated mats and they support effective contamination control as well. We offer a variety of dust catching mats that are used for controlling particle contamination in the clean room walkways, entry ways etc. These sticky mats are comprised of many layers of the polyethylene films. These films are coated with custom laminated products and made together into a sack to get the better result.
We have an extensive collection of the clean room sticky mats with latest purifying concepts and techniques of developing these products. One can use these mats to the entrances and buffer zones of the clean rooms for the removal of dust and purification. These mats are helpful to effectively remove the dust from the shoe soles and wheels.

Adhesive Polyethylene Clean Room Sticky Mat Blue With 0.035mm – Thickness
Sticky mats/ Cleanroom Sticky mat
Cleanroom sticky mat is used in the cleanroom,
Eeasily remove the dust on shoes,
Wheels,and reach the result of dust-free
cleanroom sticky mat Product description
The product is made of high-quality low-density polyethylene materials and moistening adhesives through special process.
There are always lables on the mat corner which is used to make the removing of the sticky piece easily.
Adhesive material is not easy to transfer.
The sticky pieces have an averageability of adhesion.
Continuous numberingcan make the rest available sticky pieces clear
avoid peeling off several pieces once.Size: 24* 36 inch Available color: BlueApplication: widely used in areas like electronics, food service and medical industry