Shoe Cover Remover

Shoe Cover Remover
Our shoe cover removers are very popular among our customers. People feel them reliable, safe and secure. The designing of the products is done in a manner so that they become least risky. The product assures utmost safety and security to its users. This is the most important factor for which people mostly concerned about. In fact, these removers do not harm the users in anyway.

Our shoe cover removers are very light weight products. They are not bulky and hence, you can easily handle them. These products, we supply made of fine quality plastic. Hence, they can be easily taken from one place to another and use them as we want.
The shoe cover removers we offer consume very little space as they are made in very small size and are light weight. You need a very small space for storing this product. You can handle this product easily and you do not need to have any training or education for handling them efficiently. Just read out the user manual and follow the instructions mentioned in it. It will help you to handle it without any difficulty.
Dimensions :
H 70cm
W 37cm
L 90cm
Power supply : 220V/110Vac50/60 Hz
Operation Supply : 12Vdc
Consumption : 50W
Empty Weight : 20 KG
Capacity : 100+ covers