Shoe Cover Laminating Machine

Shoe Cover Laminating Machine
Shoe cover Laminating Machine is also called an intelligent and most effective tool for the lamination of shoe covers. It occupies the light weighted plastic body for covering less space.

Some technical specifications of this product are given below:
• Film delivering time 3-5s
• Dimensions : 80*44.5*33 cm
• Net weight :21.5 kg
• Operation voltage:230 V
• Shaping time : 2-3s
• Above ground level :15mm
• Standby power consumption 75w
• Capacity of consumable : 1000pcs
These products are used mainly in the low flow places like model houses, laboratories and high ranking residential buildings. Places where only specific crowd group visits is considered best for using the laminates. The electronic counter is installed for counting the number of shoes laminated so that their refilling can be done timely. They are user friendly products and are cost-effective as well.

Technical Data