Inflatable Air Splints

inflatable Air Splints
Merino International offers a wide range of inflated air splints to offer our clients a strong and reliable support to the broken or fractured bones. The range of our inflatable air splints is easy to remove and apply. In addition, they are offered with push-pull valve for hassle-free inflation. Other than being x-ray transparent, the inflatable splints we offer, come with zipper so that they can be convenient to the users as well. We are the noted suppliers of these products in the market. Pneumatic air splints we offer are the best and most perfect device to offer reliable support to the broken or fractured bones.
They stop bleeding and prevent further tissue damage and protect the fragile skin. Quick and easily usable products conform to the individual shape of any patient. They are reusable products and are available in different sizes.
Inflatable air splints
Descriptions: inflatable air splints are commonly used for broken limbs and limb demobilization.
Standard features:
• Our inflatable air splints has a long list of strengths.
• It is easy to apply and remove.
• It has a push-pull valve for hassle – free inflatation.
• Stops bleeding and eases pain.
• Fully x-ray transparent.
• Easily inflated by mouth.