Examination light

Examination light
It becomes too difficult for people to stay too long in the hospitals. However, the examination and diagnostic process takes too long for what they have to manage staying there for that much time. Moreover, the usage of examination lights in the hospitals can create a colourful as well as healthy environment for the people so that they feel the environment less clinical and more human. This is of course much better for the medical process and the ambiance of the place. Merino International presents some of the features of the Examination Light that prove them efficient as well as ecological. Merino International also proposes a switch without contact. For a precise as well as intuitive positioning of the light, the ergonomic handle is also facilitated. Mounting of the light is done on the powder coated trolley. For easy cleaning and disinfection, quality materials are used.
Excellent colour white light is provided that is similar to the sun 5,500 degree K. The light incurs no infrared or U.V. output, instead facilitates exceptional longevity up to 50,000 hours. The LED implanted printed circuit is cooled by an aluminium heat-sink and not by a fan that causes noise pollution and attracts dust. No contact switches are facilitated to avoid hand contacts. They are ergonomic switches and hygienic as well.

• Lamp power 17 W
• 5500 degree kelvins
• LEDs life time 50 000 hours (no uv output and not much infrared)
• Color rendering index (IRC) 95
• Cable length 3 meters allowing maximum mobility.
• Insulation class II.
• Available colors : white
• Lamps top dimensions 160*133 mm.
• Lamp’s bottom dimensions 69*69 mm, H: 115 mm, interaxial: 54.5 mm
• Distance 30 cm 55000 lux, illuminated field: 8 cm
• Distance 50 cm: 42000 lux, illminted field: 10 cm.
• Distance 100 cm: 13000 lux, illuminated field: 20 cm.
• Flexible length: 700 mm.
• Double intensity switch in option (on the top of the lamp)
• No contact switch in option.
• The ergonomic handle enables precise and intuitive positioning.
• Easy cleaning and disinfection thanks to the smooth surfaces and quality materials
• LEDs are implanted on a printed circuit cooled by an aluminium heatsink and not by a fan which is faults noise, and attracts dust sources.