Digital breathe Alcohol Analyser

Digital Breath Alcohol Analyser
We offer a wide range of Breath analyzer to our clients. These products are highly appreciated by all of our clients and assure superior as well as accurate performance. The wide range of alcohol breath analyzer performs under the specific instructions and customization of the users. It is accurate, cost-effective, user-friendly and a compact product that has made us known as a leading Breath Analyzer Importer in the industry arena. It is best to test person while driving after binge drinking. It results best being unaffected by coffee, cola or cigarette smoke.
Our high accuracy providing digital breath alcohol analyzer gives wise detection range. It is absolutely hygienic and is supplied with five reusable/washable mouth pieces. The alarm sound gets off automatically after the test results are over the legal limit. Our analyser is approved by CE and the U.S. D.O.T. (Department of Transportation).

Cutting Edge Alcohol Sensor Technology
Stable testing data
Dual light LCD display
Wide detection range
Long term stability
Flow check technology.
Short warm up and response time.
Quick recovery time
Easy calibration & longer sensor life time
Power 9V alkaline battery and one cigar jack DC adapter included.
Sanitary testing CA2010 includes 3 pcs of mouth piece for sanitary direct testing.
Compact & light weight hand held device
Sophisticated and elegant design