Digital baby Weighing Scale

Digital Baby Weighing Scale
With us at Merino International, you get a wide variety of Digital Baby Weighing Scales. We offer these weighing scales in the market at extremely competitive prices. They are light weight instruments and they hardly need any maintenance. They are superior quality instruments and offer optimum performance and this is the reason why our scales command a great demand in the market. If you need high accuracy for precision weighing, then you get ultimate solution with our Digital Baby Weighing Scales. Effective battery backup helps you to handle the wide range of our equipments properly. The rugged construction and other features make these products an ideal choice for weighing the babies of all ages.
High Precision Load Cell, Liquid Crystal Display, Hold Function (Selectable), Dual Weight Unit (Kg / lb), Auto Calibration Function, Dual Purpose Tray for Infant and Baby, Long Battery Operation Time: 100 Hrs and Built in Re-chargeable Battery are some of the important features of our baby weighing scales. Some of the specifications of these scales include auto-off function, division of 5g, working capacity between 20g and 200g, ABS safety platform, unit transferability in Kg/Lb, 10 sets of memory, temperature function, light music for children, low power & over-load indicator, auto zero resetting & auto power off, white color device, power :4*1.5V AA battery and so on.