Crash Cart

Crash Cart
Merino International leads in quality manufacturing and supplies of crash cart in India. At any place, medical emergencies demand immediate assistance from the Crash Carts. It is used as one of the most significant equipment in the medical centers and hospitals. Our crash carts are designed in a way to facilitate quick auctioning during the situations like consciousness restoration or to restore the signs of life in the patients. Heart arrest, breathing cessation or drug overdose are some of the examples of these situations.
The positioning of the emergency crash carts is done nearby the operating rooms, recovery rooms, emergency rooms and ICUs. Emergency carts should always feature five sturdy drawers for keeping the scalpels, suction devices, air supply tubes, medications, automatic electronic defibrillators, and a working surface with head monitors and AEDs along with the space inclusive of the secure attachment of the oxygen cylinders. However, we facilitate quality products manufacturing of the crash cart in India that are supplied all over the country and abroad as well. CVP Cutdown Tray, Catheter Tray, and Suture are some of the specialty items in the field of Medical crash Carts.

The standard accessories includes
1. Writing shelf
2. Side file holder.
3. Defribillator / monitor shelf.
4. IV stand with hooks.
5. Sharp container box.
6. Waste bin 2 nos.
7. Five drawers all with adjustable partitions
8. Oxygen cylinder tank holder
9. CPR board.
10. Extension cord
11. Central key locking for all 15 drawers.
12. All four wheels rotatable with front 2 with brakes
13. Tag holder for all 5 drawers
14. Non slippery mat at the top.
15. SS boundary at the top.