Blood Bank Refrigerators

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Blood Bank Refrigerators
We offer a superior range of blood bank refrigerators to our clients to meet their blood storage requirements of any scale. Our refrigerators are specially designed to meet and exceed blood storage requirements of whole blood and packed red cells. Our products promise reliable performance as they are made of durable, corrosive and resistant materials. Our blood bank refrigerators provide years of great performance and cater clinical and medical purposes. Each unit is made of high-grade stainless steel body and fitted with heavy-duty castor wheels to ensure smooth movement. More so, our refrigerators deliver superior temperature control and monitoring, and its microprocessor integrated system ensures temperature accuracy. Using our blood storage unit fitted with circular chart recorder and alarm system, it becomes easy to gauge storage conditions on a continuous basis. Our refrigerators are available in different variants and capacities to meet specific requirements of medical centers.
With our high-quality blood bank storage, your get robustness, temperature stability and automatic defrosting to meet your blood storage needs in a hassle-free manner.

• Different capacities for your needs, ranging from 56 bags to 375 Bags
• Excellent temperature accuracy due to microprocessor integrated system
• Circular chart recorder for 7 days
• Each unit is made up of thick insulation and forced-air cooling
• Auto defrost mechanism to stop frost formation
• Display of errors and self-diagnosis feature
• No negative temperature due to Safety Thermostat
• Temperature alarm point & temperature set point
• Audio visual alarm for power failure and low & high temperature
• LCD display with temperature in centigrade and Fahrenheit
• Number of drawers 2 to 5