About Us

The Merino International always aims to present latest technology in the surgical equipment and medical care market. We always try to get associated with the best brands of the market and this is our basis for the trust of our customers.
Being abreast with the latest technology in the field of medicines and getting years of experience of offering quality medical and surgical equipments, the company holds a proud base of a large customer group. The company is established and well recognized in Delhi and has emerged as a leading firm in the field of supplying quality based surgical equipment s. Gradually, we are moving our business operations in other parts of India also as a means to provide the best surgical and medical products to our customers. Our major emphasis while supplying these products remains on obtaining knowledge constantly along with understanding latest technology in the market so that we can pass this on to our customers and help them buying the right product for their usage. This of course, gives them value for the money they are investing along with adding to their reputation to ensure better life growth in the medical arena.
Medical field is understood as a very sensitive and concerning area where best quality equipments and products are always advised to use. Faulty, conventional or outdated equipments and products are required to be trashed. It is the question of the lives of the people; hence, considering the quality matters a lot. This is the reason why we give a lot of stress over researching, producing quality products and efficient supply of the products that will be dealt as well as imported by our company.
It is a time of revolutionary change for the medical industry and changes exist all around the world. The field requires tremendous search and the Merino International is going with it extensively. We keep a constant track of the trends arriving in this field and so, we always try to provide the latest quality machinery and equipments to our clients.